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天百·新经济基地景观设计,天津 / 杰弗瑞设计

  • 2019-09-24 09:30
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When the sun shines
The shadow is reflected in the pavement square
Straight lines, regular square grid
Blend into one
This is “Architecture and Landscape”
– Wen Zhong



When industrialization and urbanization have changed the living environment of human beings, the natural world not only provides human beings with all kinds of raw materials needed for material life, but also gives people a sense of spiritual shock and beauty through its colorful scenery. In modern times, people living in high-speed urban offices are more eager to experience the calmness of the landscape and relieve the stress of intense work.?Tianbai · new economic base is located in binhai high-tech zone of tianjin. Famous gold and jewelry enterprises and jewelry design master workshops have been introduced into the park. Meanwhile, it is also a landmark demonstration new economic base to promote the joint development of beijing-tianbai economic zone and guangdong-hong kong-macao greater bay area.?The architectural design is designed by Tianjin ZhuTielin, the architectural design master of Tianjin. The plan is to focus on the characteristic jewelry industry street surrounded by 20 buildings with comprehensive research and development and commercial main building and surrounding projects.


思考 | Thinking

1、做体现融合城市文化差异的景观 ;

Architectural design presents space and facade features that we like very much at the beginning of the design, especially when we see part of the building construction is completed.In the brainstorming stage, we have the following perspectives and views:
1. Create a landscape that integrates cultural differences of the city;
2. Create special landscape with enterprise culture of baitai group.

▼园区鸟瞰,aerial view of the campus

融合城市文化差异|Integrate urban cultural differences


History of tianjin is a city of bearing the rich local culture, while the shenzhen is a predominantly innovation emerging line of coastal cities, shenzhen is mentioned by the Thai group started in shenzhen and to the global leading company in the field of gold jewelry, we are in at the beginning of the design and hope that there are huge cultural differences between the two of the urban culture to design.?When we regard architecture as an artistic embodiment of the abstract Jinpai architecture, the landscape represents the lightness and elegance of the South China Seashore style. Both regions have their own cultural symbols, while the open and inclusive cultural features are In common, the project is very appropriate in terms of style integration, and it is a good development prospect for the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Economic Zone and the Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macau Dawan District.

▼景观体现南中国海滨风情的轻快与飘逸,the lightness and elegance of the South China Seashore style

结合文化塑造有特质的景观?|?Combine the culture to create a special landscape

业主百泰集团以“文化黄金”与“时尚黄金”的先进理念讲珠宝饰品引导潮流,企业文化中提出“和合”文化,我们理解“和合”其实是一种对立统一的观念,正如空间中的开放与私密,色彩中统一与碰撞,光影过渡的明暗变化,在这些复杂的关系协调中,我们找到百泰珠宝中珍珠白这种温润的色调与钻石中闪耀的光芒线条去表达对企业文化和城市文化中的厚重与时尚。对于天百 · 新经济基地的景观设计,希望呈现出东方内敛的时尚感,宛如你在没有LOGO的奢侈品上,一下就能认出它特有的印迹。

The owner Baitai Group talks about the trend of jewelry and jewelry with the advanced concept of “cultural gold” and “fashion gold”. The culture of “harmony” is proposed in corporate culture. We understand that “harmony” is actually a concept of unity of opposites, just like in space. Openness and privacy, unity and collision in color, light and dark changes in light and shadow transitions. In these complex relationship coordination, we find the warm color of pearl white in Baitai jewelry and the shining light lines in diamonds to express corporate culture and The weight and fashion of urban culture.?For the landscape design of Tianbai·New Economic Base, I hope to present the introverted fashion sense of the East. Just like you can find the unique imprint of the luxury goods without LOGO.

▼呈现出东方内敛的时尚感,the introverted fashion sense of the East


设计语言?| Design language

肌理到空间的延续 | Texture to the continuation of the space


Designed to combine the vertical lines of the building facade with a straight line sequence as the basic design language; at the same time, the positioning of the owner’s jewelry industry, the building’s sloping roof, and the main building-single-street-shaped street-enclosed spatial relationship for the landscape. The design of the space texture and the enclosed space further provides a basis.

▼建筑的街巷围合式空间关系,为景观的空间肌理和围合空间的设计提供依据,street-enclosed spatial relationship for the landscape

建筑到地面的延续 | Building?to the continuation of the?landscape


The simple and generous vertical lines are the original features of the building, and also express the stability and efficiency of the cloud economy industrial ecological database.?Through the paving design of the linear sequence, the linear elements on the facade of the building can be extended from the three-dimensional space to the ground space, and also give a strong spatial orientation, emphasizing the integration of architecture and landscape.?The straight line sequence of pavement design is introduced into the project like several beams at the entrance of the project, which has a strong visual guidance. It may end up in a certain building, or change the direction to follow the winding and regular flow line, forming an interesting interaction with the street and lane buildings.

▼建筑立面上的线性元素得以从立体空间延展到地面空间,the linear elements on the facade of the building can be extended from the three-dimensional space to the ground space

珠宝到景观的延续 | Jewelry?to the continuation of the?landscape


It is a feature of this project to integrate the diamond polyline cutting surface into the landscape design, such as the expansion and combination of diamond surface, which reflects the mutual transformation of 2d and 3d, reflecting the minimalist and clean artistic sense.?The curves of diamond cutting design outline the infinite possibilities of combination. Curving landscape walls flow freely over the municipal green belt in the southwest.

▼钻石折线切割面融入到景观,integrate the diamond polyline cutting surface into the landscape design

▼曲线的景观墙就如水流般自由地展示在西南面的市政绿化带上,curving landscape walls flow freely over the municipal green belt in the southwest


入口广场 | Entrance plaza


The ginkgo tree array in the entrance square and the tall and majestic buildings complement each other, while considering the color and leaf changes in autumn to create the scene atmosphere.

▼入口广场的银杏树阵与建筑的挺拔雄壮相映成趣,the ginkgo tree array in the entrance square and the tall and majestic buildings complement each other

▼入口广场夜景,night view of the entrance square


街巷 | The streets


The walking landscape of the single office area includes the grey space between the gable walls of the buildings on both sides, which penetrates into the interior of the pedestrian street, creating a dual experience both visually and spatially.?The ribbon back garden with single office, lawn and delicate ground cover and shrubs, creates a warm rest space.?Landscape nodes have leisure seats for people to stay in the landscape, open landscape line of sight, make the whole area has a good permeability.

▼两侧建筑的山墙空隙的灰空间,the grey space between the gable walls of the buildings on both sides

▼独栋办公的带状后花园,the ribbon back garden with single office building


“蓝宝石”廊架 |?“Sapphire” corridor frame


Combined with the green belt of the lighting well, the corridor frame with “sapphire” inlaid throughout the body is white.

▼廊架,the pavilion

▼通身洁白镶嵌“蓝宝石”,frame with “sapphire” inlaid throughout the white body

▼结合采光井的绿化带上的洁白廊架,combined with the green belt of the lighting well

▼廊架夜景,the night view of the?pavilion


植物设计 |?Plant design


The orientation of plant design is based on minimalist style, including variety selection and planting methods. The design of the entrance to the southwest and the municipal green belt of the commercial street adopts an open and transparent approach, and the plant varieties adopt the tree-shaped upright ginkgo trees with tall and straight branches and leaves and the pointway trees with simple and simple appearance, which can separate the commercial street from the outside and meet the design of the transparency of the commercial street.?As well as the courtyard style office room, the grey space on the corner of the high floor, the zigzag planting trough or wooden platform and the pleasant small space of plant combination.

▼植物设计定位以极简风格为主,based on minimalist style

▼曲折的种植槽,the zigzag planter

▼夜景,night view


跌落水景 |?Falling waterscape


In the night scene, the sequential lighting makes the whole area full of technology.?Corridor frame, plants, lighting and outdoor furniture are decorated in the corresponding theme space in a simple modern design style, with the least design to reflect the most spatial possibility and flexibility of the purpose, so that business people get a rich spiritual interest and small surprise space.

▼序列感的灯光使得整个区域充满科技感, the sequential lighting makes the whole area full of technology

▼跌落水景,falling waterscape

▼总平面图,master plan


Project Name: Tianbai· Economic Newbase
Type: Industrial Park
Owner: Baitai Group
Project Location: Tianjin Binhai High-tech Zone
Project function: office, business
Project area: 39166m2
Design time: 2018-07
Construction time: 2018-12
Design unit: Shenzhen Jeffery Landscape Design Co., Ltd.
Architectural Design Team: Tianjin Architectural Design Institute
Photography: Sanying Landscape Architecture Photography – Any